James Harden Illustrated

James Harden Illustrated is a project where profile of James Harden is illustrated using various mediums, techniques and styles. Without creative brief or constraints from the client, this experiment is like training ground for a creative mind. This project is about avoiding enslavement of an expression to a single style. Theme of James Harden’s profile is chosen because of belief that constraint will produce more creative approaches and out-of-the-box solutions. Some results will be led by more stylistic and aesthetic idea, others by conceptual or metaphorical. 

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#25 James Harden ft. Louis Armstrong

Portrait inside of a portrait. Two virtuoses getting together for a special jazz + New Orleans All Star 2017 Game themed portrait.

#24 World of James Harden 

Earth is not round, it’s James Harden-shaped.

#23 James Harden in One Line

Drawing of James Harden in a single, very long line. Can you find the two ends?

#22 Harden Simpson

Newest member of Simpson family.

#21 Hurricane James Harden

Apparently, there’s a huge hurricane about to hit USA. Alert is issued.

#20 Phrenology of James Harden

Dive inside the mind of James Harden and see many tiny details and references from his life and his game.

#19 James Harden emoji

Why is there no such thing as James Harden emoji? This is smallest portrait in the collection.

#18 Harden the Chef

Portrait shaped by James Harden's signature celebration — stirring the pot after made basket.

#17 Censored Harden

Despite using couple of grayscale pixels, you know who is this.

#16 Harden's Olive Oil

Portrait made from real Mediterranean olive oil, produced by my family. Created using ear sticks!

#15 Beard Bird

There's a bird hiding in Harden’s beard all along. This is a sequel to #7, Whale portrait.

#14 Human Hair Harden

Portrait made out of real human hair. Yahoo wrote a story about this.

#13 James Harden in Flowers

Floral James Harden is a first handmade portrait in collection, carefully arranged from a Mediterranean garden. Made from roses, rosemary, vine, agave, briar and much more.

#13 Thirty-four days later

This is an actual image of Floral portrait exactly 34 days after it was arranged.

#12 Kandinsky Harden

James Harden Composition Twelve. Homage to Wassily Kandinsky, author of first purely abstract painting.

#11 Ancient Greek Philosopher

Bust of James Harden, ancient greek philosopher, 470–389 B.C.

#10 Camouflage Harden

James Harden hiding in camo.

#9 Harden Swarm

Swarm forms a profile.

#8 Botanical Harden

Botanical digital collage experiment including layers of ground, birds, grass, fern, wood rings, bushes, etc.

#7 Whale Beard

If you stare at this man’s profile for a while, like I do, you can see a giant whale swimming inside Harden’s beard.

#6 Isle of Hardenia

Map drawing of Hardenia, amazing island in a middle of Rockets Seas with a lot places to go. Visit Beard Valley, Hardensville, Beard Forest and more.

#5 Hardenalis Beardoid

Medical illustration of James Harden. Beard implemented itself as part of his muscle anatomy as Hardenalis Beardoid.

#4 Psychedelic James Harden

This portrait is the bestselling print from shop.

#3 In Between the Lines

There's a James Harden somewhere around here.

#2 Splattered James Harden

Ever wondered how would Jackson Pollock paint James Harden? I did.

#1 First James Harden

This is how it all started. First portrait, which sparked the idea of doing another one.

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