Good Magazine

Portraits of legendary Brazilian soccer players who made a difference in society. Concepts of portraits are based on stories about humanitarian work of each player. Afonsinho's portrait made out of hair was awarded with Merit award in Professional Show from 3X3 Magazine and published in Three by Three Illustration Annual.

Client: Good Inc.
AD: Tyler Hoehne
Year: 2014


Afonsinho (Midfielder)

"Afonsinho’s wild, flowing beard was dubbed a sign of dangerous nonconformity by authorities—there were even attempts to censor photos of him so that people wouldn’t see his hair and be inspired to rebel."


Felix (Goalkeeper)

"Felix worked to give poor children in rural São Paulo their own best chances to succeed. He created and ran a football school for marginalized children, and lobbied for better government services for kids before his death in 2012."


Francisco Carregal (Striker)

"Francisco Carregal, a black worker on the textile line in Bangu, played the game so well that the factory bosses invited him onto their team in 1905. The first black to play professional soccer in Brazil, Carregal paved the way for Brazil's poor to dominate the game over the next decades."